Donations to Gilchrist make a critical difference to the people we care for


Giving to Gilchrist

Your donations make a critical difference in the lives of real people with serious illness.

Every gift enhances Gilchrist’s efforts to provide expert and loving care at every stage of serious illness, to be there with counseling and support for families, and to advance excellence in elder medical care programs and services throughout our community.

Gilchrist is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Because insurance does not cover the full cost of patient care, and because Gilchrist accepts every patient, regardless of ability to pay–we need your help. We depend on community support to provide the high-quality care that every terminally ill adult and child deserves.

Please visit the Giving menu for the ways you can support Gilchrist. Thank you so much for your generous support.

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Here’s how you can help:

Paul J. Kelley, Jr. Foundation

“When our dear friend Paul Kelley, Jr. needed hospice care we discovered that there was no inpatient hospice care facility located in Howard County. The Paul J. Kelley Jr. Charitable Foundation was established for the purpose of raising funds to support a Howard County hospice care center. Since 2010 we have generously donated to the Gilchrist Hospice Care Center in Howard County.   Our goal is to be sure that the Gilchrist Hospice care facility in Howard County can continue to provide necessary, caring and  compassionate hospice services to those in need.”