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Gilchrist’s Welcome Home celebration honors the veterans in our care as well as all of the veterans in our community, and coincides with Maryland’s Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan in 2015. This celebration is one of the many ways Gilchrist recognizes the unique needs of veterans and thanks them for their sacrifice and service to our country. We are proud to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. To learn more about Gilchrist’s We Honor Veterans program visit gilchristcares.org/whv or call our veterans coordinator at 443-849-8306.

Gilchrist’s 2nd Annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration was held on March 30, 2019 at Martin’s West in Baltimore and provided Gilchrist a way to honor and thank the men and women in our community who served during the Vietnam War. For this celebration, over 900 attended this event with emcee George G. Forrest, USA (Ret.) and guest speakers Governor Larry Hogan, Diane Carlson Evans, USA; Guy Gruters, USAF; SM Rodwell L. Forbes JR 111, USA (Ret.) and James C. Alban IV, USMC, Alban CAT President. To learn more about our speakers, read our blog.

Save the Date

Sunday, March 22, 2020 for the 3rd Annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration at Martin’s West. More details and registration information will be available soon.

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From Our Veterans and Guests

“The speakers were inspirational and the overwhelming support for all was amazing.” – Ellie W.

“It is a very emotional ceremony. Giving thanks to those who lost love ones and to those survivors, acknowledging thanks is the biggest form of gratitude.” – Gerald B.

“I finally felt someone other than family was glad to have me back.” – Joseph W., Veteran

“I am a Vietnam combat veteran – I found the event very moving – great of Gilchrist to host – just awesome.” – Barry M., Veteran

“There was such a feeling of joy. The volunteers were so up beat. I felt as though they truly cared about each and every person there.” – Sharon R.

“It had a great impact on my Vietnam Veteran husband. He hasn’t stopped talking about how good it made him feel, especially since when he returned home thru the San Francisco Airport, he was told to change out of his uniform because he’d be treated poorly.” – Mary M., family member of veteran



“The celebration will never be forgotten. I feel completely honored and appreciated for the sacrifices that we made but afraid to feel pride until your event.” – Art G., Vietnam Veteran

“I had a friend who said he wouldn’t go because he wasn’t thanked originally, and didn’t want thanks now, but who was very touched by the whole experience and said that he would come to the next one.” – Richard H., guest of veteran

“I loved it. As a woman veteran, I felt very special.” – Anne S., Vietnam-era Veteran

“My first husband was a Vietnam Combat Veteran, who is now deceased and it helped me to heal.” – Karla L., family member of deceased Vietnam Veteran