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Elder Medical Care – Consultations

Our Elder Medical Care – Consultations service is best suited for those with multiple chronic illnesses, such as dementia, cardiac or pulmonary diseases, and those with advancing age who are beginning to need help with mobility, dressing, toileting and other activities of daily living.

Our geriatricians and nurse practitioners provide a comprehensive health assessment, usually conducted over one to three visits in the office, or sometimes in the home, and develop a plan of care to best suit your needs. We help you better understand your illness and what to expect over the next three to five years as your needs evolve. Therefore, you will have greater knowledge, control and management of your health situation. We also connect you to the appropriate community physicians to ensure implementation of your care plan and seamless care.

Once the assessment is completed, you will be granted access to Gilchrist’s 24/7 on-call support line, staffed by nurses. You may also call a Gilchrist geriatrician for follow-up. Additionally, we provide annual follow-up office visits to update or refresh your plan of care.

Our team will work closely with your primary physician. If there is no primary physician and you are able to continue coming to an office for appointments, the geriatrician will refer you to a community patient-centered medical practice. However, if you are unable to travel to office appointments, Gilchrist can provide home-based primary medical care to assist with advanced illness management through our Home Care service. The geriatrician will also connect you to other community specialists as needed, such as a neurologist, cardiologist or lung specialist.

What benefits can Consultations provide?

  • Comprehensive health assessments from geriatricians and nurse practitioners
  • A plan of care tailored to your needs
  • Education about your condition and what to expect as your needs evolve
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Coordinated referrals to community physicians and specialists to help ensure seamless care
  • Annual follow-up visits