Additional hospice services to meet the needs of families | Gilchrist

Additional Hospice Services

We offer additional hospice services to meet the needs of families. Specialized services include Jewish Hospice and Music Therapy.

Jewish Hospice

Gilchrist’s Jewish Hospice includes all of the components of hospice care, plus enhancements to ensure that our care is compatible with our Jewish families’ religious and cultural beliefs. The program is accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice. Also, each team member has specialized training in Jewish customs and practices, as well as health care decision-making issues that may arise due to concerns with following Jewish law. A rabbi is available to families, if requested. The Jewish Hospice is overseen by a program manager with deep roots in the Jewish community and an understanding of Jewish law and customs. A beautiful Jewish chapel and family area are available at Gilchrist Center Towson.

Learn more about our Jewish Hospice program.

Music Therapy

Music therapy can help improve quality of life by reducing stress, anxiety and agitation. And also give individuals a way to express themselves, even if they can no longer communicate. Our board certified music therapists listen, perform, write and record music in an effort to meet the social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs of the individual and family.

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