Hospice Care - extra care and guidance in residential community | Gilchrist

Hospice Care – Residential Community Care

As the end of life approaches, individuals in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and group homes, along with their families, often need extra care and guidance to help them address the complex needs that accompany a life-limiting diagnosis.

Our Hospice Care – Residential Community Care services, therefore, work in tandem with care already provided by the residential care center. Decision making will be a collaborative process that involves the input of you and your loved one, and also medical personnel from both the residential center and Gilchrist. Our goal is to enhance the services your loved one already receives, and to provide comprehensive care and support.

Gilchrist Hospice Care – Residential Community Care teams will:

  • Provide additional hands-on care through weekly nursing visits and personal care from hospice aides.
  • Manage medications, pain and other symptoms.
  • Assess your loved one’s physical condition.
  • Educate your family about what to expect.
  • Assist you and your loved one through the intense emotions and spiritual questions that often accompany the dying process.
  • Provide volunteer companionship, as needed.
  • Offer companions at the bedside (end-of-life doulas) as death nears to ensure that no one dies alone and that families have the support they need during their most difficult time

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