Can someone receive hospice care at home? | Gilchrist

Hospice Care – Home Care

At Gilchrist, we work with families to ensure their loved ones are able to receive hospice care at home throughout the course of their illness, and that their time spent there is comfortable and pain free.

Our Hospice Care – Home Care teams will work with caregivers to:

  • Provide the necessary equipment (e.g., hospital beds, bedside commodes, oxygen) and medications.
  • Offer training in the use of equipment and education about the disease progression.
  • Provide regular home care visits from a registered nurse case manager, as well as hospice aides to provide personal care, social workers to provide counseling and support, and chaplains to offer spiritual care.
  • Offer volunteer support in homes for companionship, respite for caregivers and errands.
  • Offer companions at the bedside (end-of-life doulas) as death nears, to ensure that no on dies alone and that families have the support they need during their most difficult time.

Where else can hospice care be provided?