Elder Medical Care – Residential Community Care

Our Elder Medical Care – Residential Community Care service can complement the services already provided at select independent or assisted living, long-term care or skilled nursing facilities. Our team consists of medical directors, attending physicians and nurse practitioners. This team will provide medical care and coordinate with your current medical team. Also, they will adjust your plan of care as your needs change.

We can also help you navigate the often complex health care system. Therefore, we can ensure that your care is coordinated and that your medical history, health care needs and wishes for care are known and well communicated. We can also provide this coordination even if your health care setting changes.

Our medical teams are in more than 30 residential care centers, where they provide medical oversight and serve as medical directors and primary care providers. Also, they can coordinate palliative care for residents. For more information on the select facilities where Elder Medical Care – Residential Community Care is offered, please call a Care Navigator at 888.823.8880.

What benefits can Elder Medical Care – Residential Community Care provide?

  • Help making decisions through advance care planning
  • Education and guidance about the likely progression of your illness
  • Seamless transitions from one care setting to another, therefore ensuring that your medical history and care preferences are communicated across those transitions
  • Comprehensive and knowledgeable care from physicians and nurse practitioners