Elder Medical Care - Rehabilitation Service | Gilchrist

Elder Medical Care – Rehabilitation

After a hospital stay, you may need rehabilitation and assistance to prepare you for return to home and an independent lifestyle. Our rehabilitation service is provided at the GBMC Sub-Acute Unit, managed by Gilchrist, in a separate rehabilitation suite with common spaces to spend time with visiting friends and family. The Rehabilitation team includes nurses, therapists (speech, physical, occupational and activity), dietitians, pharmacists, a social worker and support staff, as well as a medical and nursing director.

The team cares for individuals with diverse diagnoses and conditions, including:

  • Recovery from joint replacement, fractures or amputations
  • Cardiac or respiratory issues
  • Rehabilitation from a stroke
  • Wound care

What benefits can Rehabilitation provide?

  • Help transitioning back to an independent lifestyle
  • Rehabilitation in a comfortable setting, with a gracious dining room, an activities space and a large, flat screen television.
  • A team of specialists focused on furthering your recovery
  • More frequent occupational and physical therapy sessions