Grief Services for Children After Loss of a Loved One | Gilchrist

Grief Services for Children

For children, the loss of a sibling or a beloved adult can be confusing and disorienting. Some may be too young to understand the permanence of death and the complexity of their feelings. Still others may not know how to grieve—or that it is OK to feel sad and to move through the grief process on their own timetable. Gilchrist offers grief services for children that can help them better understand and cope with their grief, allowing them to work through the process in their own way.

 The following specialized grief services for children are available:

  • Individual sessions for children with licensed counselors experienced in the unique needs of children
  • Assessment and intervention by our certified child life specialist, who has expertise in helping children cope with illness and grief
  • Education and coaching for families in addressing the needs of grieving children
  • Community workshops and educational sessions with school guidance counselors on helping grieving children

Child Life Services

Our child life specialist serves as part playmate, part teacher and part emotional outlet for young children grieving the loss of a loved one. The child life specialist does not offer traditional counseling but rather focuses on helping children work through their anxiety, fears and questions through activity and play. Through crafts and other activities, the specialist can also work with children to create lasting memories of their loved one.