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Community Education

Gilchrist has recently launched an Ambassadors Program to help in the mission to change these statistics and do more for people with serious and terminal illnesses and their families. This group is focused on educating our community about end of life care. When the time comes, people will choose to use these services and receive the benefits of not only improving their quality of life but even extending it.

We have assembled a team of passionate, knowledgeable and engaging volunteers who have been trained to speak to many end of life care topics.

Some of these topics include:

• educating our community about the services that Gilchrist provides
• understanding the hospice philosophy
• dispelling myths
• facilitating difficult conversations about end of life care
• “It is never too early to get things in order”.
• Volunteer Opportunities and other ways to get involved

If you have someone you know who you think would like to have this opportunity with our Ambassadors, please send their name and telephone number to Mary Antonucci, Volunteer Service Manager at or call her at 443.849.8210.