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National Volunteer Week: Recognizing Gilchrist Volunteers

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MaryAntonucci volunteer manager
Mary Antonucci, Gilchrist Volunteer Services Manager

Every day, I work with volunteers who selflessly give of themselves to support families when they are at their most vulnerable. Many of Gilchrist’s volunteers have had a personal experience with Elder Medical Care or Hospice Care and have turned their pain into purpose—it’s an honor to work with each and every one of them.

Our volunteers fill a crucial role on our teams, providing companionship to patients, offering respite to caregivers, and sitting in on the weekly team meetings to report back volunteer needs and to share the volunteer perspective.

They perform administrative work to support the organization and provide an additional set of helping hands in all three of our Gilchrist Centers. They bring their skills in Reiki, music and Caring Touch, provide grief support, and sit bedside when someone is alone and actively dying. The contributions of our volunteers are immeasurable.

Our volunteers are our ambassadors, unofficially representing us in their communities. They talk about the services we provide and help us recruit new volunteers. We could not do the work we do without them.

As National Volunteer Week (April 15-21) comes to a close I am thankful for the generosity of spirit and kindness of these special individuals. If you have been thinking about getting involved with Gilchrist, I encourage you to consider volunteering with us. And if you already are a volunteer, please know that we cherish you and are grateful for all you do.

To learn more and sign up to volunteer at Gilchrist, visit gilchristcares.org/volunteer.

Volunteer services team
Say hello to the wonderful Gilchrist volunteer office team. From left to right: Kim Kahl, volunteer coordinator; Mary Annonucci, volunteer services manager; Kathy Smith, volunteer coordinator; and Patti Holbrook, volunteer coordinator.

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