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Garden & Tribute Walls

Garden Walls and Tribute Wall

Gilchrist’s Garden Walls create a lasting and lovely memorial to someone dear. Situated among the beautiful gardens at both Gilchrist Center Towson and Gilchrist Center Howard County, Garden Plaques allow you to create a meaningful tribute while also supporting the work of these centers.

Please note: Garden Wall Plaques may be ordered throughout the year. Depending on your order date, your plaque will be installed either in May, July or October. Please let us know if you have any questions.

You can also purchase a legacy plaque for our Tribute Wall, located in the beautiful seating area by the stairwell at Gilchrist Center Towson.

To purchase a Garden Wall plaque:

Online – Gilchrist Center Towson: Please fill out the online form.
Online – Gilchrist Center Howard County: Please fill out the online form.
By Mail: Download our printable Garden Wall Plaque order form.

To purchase a Tribute Wall plaque:

Online: Please fill out the online form.
By Mail: Download our printable Tribute Wall Plaque order form.

Keeping His Grandmother’s Memory Alive

Keeping His Grandmother’s Memory AliveNathan is only 13, but already he is making his mark on the world.

Earlier this year, Nathan started a GoFundMe campaign asking friends and family to support his mitzvah project. One of his goals was to raise money for a tribute garden wall plaque at Gilchrist Center Towson in memory of his grandmother Harriett.

“I wanted to do this because my grandmother was such a special person in my life,” says Nathan. “At Gilchrist, they did a good job taking care of my Bubbie, and I wanted to give back to them for doing that. She was herself again when she was there and she was happy.”

In just two months, Nathan raised over $1,500, which he will split between Gilchrist and another Baltimore area nonprofit. His tribute donation will allow us to continue caring for all the special grandmothers in Baltimore who mean so much to their grandchildren. Thank you, Nathan, for your extraordinary generosity to Gilchrist!

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