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Steps of Hope

Steps of Hope: A Tribute Walk & Butterfly Release

The 3rd annual Steps of Hope: Tribute Walk with a Butterfly Release was held June 3, 2018 at Cromwell Valley Park. The weather mirrored many feelings of grief and the event offered hope, connection to others, and an unique way to honor and remember loved ones. Attendees were presented with memory badges with their loved one’s picture and adorned with a butterfly image. They walked a trail lined with “Memory Flags” of loved ones. Many found it a surprise to see their loved one waiting for them on their “journey”. Our music therapists played songs that touched the hearts of everyone. Despite the rain, the butterflies cooperated and joined our bereaved and some even flew away during breaks in the rain. (Others were cared for by grief counselor Carol Hallinan until the next day when the sun finally shone.) Our time together encouraged a feeling of a community and support. Many said they would be back next year!

Save the Date

Next year’s event will be held on June 2, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Christine Broderick at 443.849.8251 or

Please enjoy some photos from the event below.