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Gilchrist Video Library

Gilchrist’s video library allows us to compile our most touching stories and share them with our community. Through these videos, our patients, family members, employees and volunteers to describe the difference Gilchrist has made in their lives.

Elder Medical Care

Gilchrist’s Elder Medical Care program was featured in a Facebook live event. Team leader, Bev Ruiz, and Director, Leanna Hoover, discuss the program and how it can help. Also featured was Gilchrist’s Palliative Care Program Manager, Tracie Schwoyer-Morgan, to explain the program and what care and services are provided to patients and their families.

Bev Ruiz and Leanna Hoover sit down with Mary Beth Marsden to discuss Gilchrist's Elder Medical Care program.
Tracie Schwoyer-Morgan sits down with Mary Beth Marsden to discuss Gilchrist's Palliative Care program.

Counseling & Support

Gilchrist’s Counseling & Support program was featured in a Facebook live event. Clinical bereavement counselor, Amanda Jaska, discuss how Gilchrist provides grief support to any one who has suffered a loss.

Amanda Jaska, Gilchrist clinical bereavement counselor discusses Gilchrist's Counseling & Support program with Mary Beth Marsden.

Stories of a Lifetime

Gilchrist’s Stories of a Lifetime video series tells the story of three Gilchrist patients and how Gilchrist has not only helped them, but their families as well. They were shown at the 2018 Gilchrist Ball.

Patient Tom Douglas and his family talk about the care and services they have received at Gilchrist.
Patient Anne Berk talks about her care from Gilchrist and her love of the Music Therapy program.